Wilson Earle

Settler of township lots: Conc 13, Lot 32, Monmouth

Dates of residency: c1877 - c1929

Interesting facts: The family lived in Glamorgan township 1877-1880. His obituary states that he was one of the first white settlers in the district of Wilberforce and his occupation was mostly a travelling salesman.

Preceding landowner: Samuel & Elizabeth Ritchie, who sold the 94 acre lot to Wilson Earle in 1877 for $800.00. (Inst. No. 1, Ontario Land Records Copy Book, Monmouth)

Succeeding landowner: Charles Earle (son), Albert Saunders

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Information submitted by: Joan Noble (great granddaughter)

Photo description and source:

Wilson Earle and his wife Emma Newbatt - Source: Joan Noble