John Noble

Settler of township lots:  Con 14, Lot 10 and later Lot 31

Dates of residency: c1874-c1900

Interesting facts: LIved with son John James for some time after his wife's death in 1900 then moved to Michigan to live with daughter Annie and later with daughter Amanda.  He returned once to visit.  His coffin came back to Essonville by train for burial.  

Preceding landowner:

Succeeding landowner:

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Information submitted by:  Joan Noble

Photo description and source:

1.  The three eldest children of early settlers John & Mary Ann Noble - John J (1865 - 1965), Amanda (1861 - 1938) & Emma (1863 - 1888) Photo Source: Wilberforce Heritage Guild

2.  John Noble 1838-1932, father of John James Noble with his grandchildren,left to right, Francis, Hartman and Bertha Noble.  Source - Joan Noble

3.  John Noble in the year 1905.  Source - Joan Noble