Nathan Choate Bates

Settler of township lots: Conc. 14, Lot 6, 7, 8 Cardiff

Dates of residency:

Interesting facts: Assessment Role 1902: 43 year old mechanic, 4 children between 4 and 21, 4 children age 5 and 6, 8 people in residence, 220 acres, 15 acres cleared, 3 cattle, 30 sheep, 2 horses, 1/2 acre orchard and garden.

In 1941, the Bates family was still living at Lot 8, Conc 14. Bessie Louise Bates, granddaughter of Nathan, gave this as her address on her marriage license application. Her future husband Thomas Robert Foster was living at Lot 6,7 Conc 14.

Preceding landowner:

Succeeding landowner:

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Information submitted by:John Jamieson, Schoolhouse Historical Society, Adele Espina

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