Union School - S.S.#7 Snowdon & S.S.#5 Galway

Location:SS#7 Snowdon - Conc 1, Lot 16 Snowdon and SS#5 Galway - Conc 18, Lot 10 Galway

Current site address:  White Boundary Road, Snowden township

Date range: ???? - 1951

Interesting facts: A story of interest that was has been retold often—in the 1940s the school board decided to create a new & modern ‘educational institute’.   The board couldn’t reach a consensus as to a location for this new building.  Half the individuals wanted it built on the school site (Lot 16 Con 1) already in use.   The remaining members wanted the new school to be built on a site 1/2 mile away.  The solution?  Build a school on both sites.  The two schools were identical. On January 1 the  furniture was taken from the building at the Falls and set up in the school building 1/2 mile south.  So January to  June classes was held in the school built 1/2 mile south from the falls, the other five months classes were held  in the school building on Lot 16 Con 1 at the Falls.SS #5, Lot 10 Con 18, Galway at Furnace Falls. 

For this union school section,  Galway records it as S.S. # 5, Snowdon has it recorded as S.S. #7.  The first teaching facilities were in a renovated house.  In the times when the mines were booming there were a number of homes around the Falls where the miners lived with their families.  Apparently a fire swept the hamlet and a log school was built on the south side of the road in 1880. Later a second school was constructed, which was destroyed by fire in 1916 and was replaced complete on the same site at a cost o $300 by Mr. Wm Schroter.  After the school closed in 1951, the building had a complete renovation from schoolhouse to a lovely residence.

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Information submitted by: Carol Simmons, Bark Lake Cultural Developments

Photo information & sources: S.S.#5 Galway school picnic in June 1916 - Carol Simmons, Bark Lake Cultural Developments