Irondale Union School - S.S. No.1 Glamorgan & S.S. No.8 Snowdon

Location: Conc 5, Lot 1 Glamorgan

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Interesting facts: The original school in Irondale was built of logs. There have been no records found for that school. The second school was built about 1894, called Union School Section #1 & 8 Glamorgan & Snowdon.
Mr. Daniel Williams was one of the early teachers. The students on his attendance list were listed according to the township they lived in.  Miss M. Davis was the teacher taking attendance in September 1911.   Her attendance shows 6 students from Glamorgan and 2 from Snowdon. Miss Davis received $325 as teacher’s yearly salary for April 1911 to June 1912.    By April of 1915,  E. McElwain was teaching - the students were listed without segregation as to   residency.   Mrs. Eleanor Cooper taught for the term of September 1954 to June 1955.   She found that the students were in need of discipline.   When she rang the bell to begin the school day, some of the boys refused to enter the school, others would jump out of the windows.   Others remember school discipline well.   It seems when the teacher used the strap on a student, no one in the class would laugh — or else they would get the strap as well.

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Information submitted by: Carol Simmons, Bark Lake Cultural Developments

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1. Second Irondale school

2. First Irondale log school

3. First Irondale log school

4. Miss Catherine Benson taught 1927—1928

5. Irondale School students L to R: Ed Simmons, Mac Hartin, Bill Procter, Montrose Hancock & Fred Simmons.

6. Irondale School 1928  L to R:   _________, Margaret Simmons, Myrtle Hartin, Mary Procter,  Marie McAlpine & Clare McAlpine.

7. Miss Edith Deyell taught 1926-1927

Source: Carol Simmons, Bark Lake Cultural Developments