St. Alban's Anglican Church

Geographic location: Conc 10, Lot 35 Glamorgan

Current site address: N/W corner of Ursa Rd and Glamor Lake Rd.

Date range:

Interesting facts:

An early minister Rev. Waltham also served the Essonville church and cut a trail through the bush between here and Essonville.

On Stephen Kettle's 1907 marriage certificate, this church is identified as St. Alban's.

Still exists?: No

Public access?: No

Current use: N/A

Information submitted by: Elva Bates' book  - A Journey Through Glamorgan's Past.

Photo information & source: This is a photo of an 1894 Madill settlement Anglican Church picnic.
Persons in the photo are named on page 300 of Elva Bates' book A Journey Through Glamorgan's Past.