Deer Lake Cemetery

Kidd Schoolhouse Historical Society

Geographic location:  (Lot 25, Conc 18, Cardiff).

Current address: ____ Loop Road, Cardiff

Date range: c1887 to present

Interesting facts: The earliest recorded burial is Sarah Toms in 1887. The cemetery is not without mysteries, and Deer Lake holds a few.  One record, a shooting caused a death on Aug. 9, 1925. But the burial was delayed until Sept. 25, 1925.

Public access: Yes

Current use: Municipal cemetery

Information submitted by: John Jamieson

Photo information & source: John Jamieson

Entrance to Deer Lake Cemetery

Some of the older headstones have eroded.  It is necessary to make a note of the inscriptions before it becomes too degraded to read.

There are 4 headstones that are designed for veterans.