John Hilliard Anderson

Settler of township lots: Conc 11, Lot 19 Monmouth

Dates of residency:

Interesting facts:

Preceding landowner:

Succeeding landowner:

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Information submitted by: Adele Espina

1. Annie Leadlie, wife of John Hilliard Anderson. Although never officially appointed by the post office, she served under her husband and son's name as postmistress of Tory Hill.

2. Elizabeth Ritchie Anderson, wife of Duncan Anderson. She was the mother of John Hilliard Anderson and grandmother of Ross Hilliard Anderson. This photograph was probably taken in Toronto to where she and her husband Duncan had moved later in life.

3. John Hilliard Anderson, Crown Land Agent for Monmouth. He was the first Postmaster in Tory Hill from 1893 until his death in 1908.

Photos Source: Wilberforce Heritage Guild