Edward Sanderson

Settler of Township Lots:  Conc 13, Lot 34 Monmouth

Dates of residency:  c1918 -

Interesting Facts:  

- The book Monmouth Township 1881-1981 Indicates that the original name of the lake was Poverty Lake and that he changed it to Wilbermere Lake.

- He developed a tourist vacation site called Wilbermere Summer Resort along the east shore of the lake where up to 50 guests could tent and eventually stay at a guest house that was erected on the site. Some families would stay all summer with the husbands coming up from the city every weekend.

Preceding landowner: possibly Newbatts, property was purchased from the Sheriff's office

Succeeding landowner: Jimmy Cooper & Earl Pitts

Link to Settlers of Highlands East family tree

Information submitted by:

- Book titled " Monmouth Township 1881- 1981"

- son Ken Sanderson

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