Location of Riley's Boarding House, Store & Post Office

This building was constructed in 1910 after the previous store & post office had burned down. It was located about 40' south of the present Agnew's store. It was sold in 1919 to the Mulloys who sold it to the Agnews. This building burned down in the 1920's.
Pictured left to right: student Methodist Minister Mr Hamlet Wolfraim, Lindsay dentist Dr. Neelands on his semi-annual trip to Wilberforce, graphite mine supervisor Mr. Covill, Mary (Mame) & Letitia Skuce, housekeeper Harriet Rowbotham, Ernest Riley, proprietors Martha & Alec Riley, Willie Riley, boarder Reg Hamblin. Appearing in the window is Tom Sykes, who was deaf/mute.
Source: Wilberforce Heritage Guild