S.S. No. 7 Galway - White Lake School

Location: Conc 18, Lot 34, Galway

Current site address: S/W corner of White Lake Road and Fire Route 342

Date range: 1880 - 1942

Interesting facts: It was built in 1880 as a union school with Snowdon and Glamorgan Townships, and served the children of the Switzer, Peacock, Johnson, Smith, Ford and other families. Some families moved from the area, and when there were only 2 school age children (Thompson) left to attend, the School Board arranged with the teacher at Furnace Falls school to pick them up at the White Lake school, include them in the class at Furnace Falls school and deliver them back in the evening. This arrangement started in September 1942, indicating the doors at White Lake School were closed June 30,1942.  This ‘taxi service’ didn’t last long.The Thompson family moved to Lindsay in November.

Still exists?:Yes

Current use: Only collapsed ruins remain at the site.

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Carol Simmons, Bark Lake Cultural Developments

Blair Drummie (school location and condition)

Photo information & sources: The photo above shows the congregation that had gathered for Sunday Service at the White Lake School.  Many of the schools in the remote areas were used for Sunday Church services until population sufficed to build a church.- Carol Simmons, Bark Lake Cultural Developments