Monmouth Consolidated School

Location: Conc 16, Lots 33,34 Monmouth

Current site address: 1011 School Road, Wilberforce

Date range: c1921 -

Interesting facts: Around 1921, George Pentland, the new Public Schools Inspector, added a new room to the Union School to create a Consolidated school accommodating a new Grade 9 class in the hallway and Grade10 in the new room. Now students in these two grades would not have to board in Lindsay or Peterborough.

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1. Wilberforce schoolchildren c1950 - Source: Shirley & Jim Deterling

2. Children working in the school Victory Garden. Photo Source: Wilberforce Heritage Guild

3. Children in the schoolyard of Monmouth Consolidated School - Elva Bates, A Journey through Glamorgan's Past