Glamorgan S.S. No. 6 Ursa

Location: Conc 9, Lot 29 Glamorgan

Current site address: Approx 1360 Ursa Road, Glamorgan

Date range: 1885 -

Interesting facts: An acre of land at Lot 29, Conc 9 was patented to the Trustees of S.S. No. 6 in 1885.
The Loyal Orange Lodge No. 11 held some of their meetings in this schoolhouse.

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Information submitted by: A Journey Through Glamorgan's Past by Elva Bates

Photo information & sources: The students in this 1912 class are: Standing: Cora McNeily, Mary Alsop, Mary Madill, Ida Graham, Edith Madill, Joe Graham. Seated: Flossie Madill, Mary Riel, Hannah Riel, Emma Madill, Ross Alsop, Walter Madill, and in front Cecilia Riel.
Photo source: A Journey Through Glamorgan's Past