Gooderham Pioneer Cemetery

Geographic location: Conc 5, Lot 26 Glamorgan

Current address: 1032 Gooderham Street, Gooderham

Date range: 1853 - 1905

Interesting facts:  Although the cemetery was closed to further burials in 1905, as a gesture of respect Alice (Dixon) Hunter was allowed to be buried there in 1929.

Public access: Yes

Current use: Legally abandoned cemetery maintained by the Municipality of Highlnads East

Information submitted by: Adele Espina

Photo information & source:

1. Sign at the front of the cemetery

2. View of the cemetery from across Gooderham Street.

3. List of people said to be buried in the cemetery. This is posted at the bottom of the cemetery sign.

Source: 2014 Highlands East Cultural Mapping Project